A Naturally Beautiful Life

A unique estate set on 423ha of pristine wilderness, a 20 minute drive from Johannesburg's northern suburbs is set to define lifestyle as we know it today.

Exclusively limited to a maximum of eighty six individuals, the estate sets new standards for low density, secure living on the urban edge.

The property borders The Cradle of Humankind to the West and is fully surrounded by conservancies where African plains game roam freely. The property boasts amazing views of the Magalies Range together with breathtaking views out towards the horizon in every direction.

The property by definition opens a vast array of opportunity particularly from a sustainable development perspective. As owners of this unique tract of land, we will improve the area to fall within the strict guidelines set out in the latest EMF for the Crocodile River Precinct. Through private ownership and the collective power of the shareholders, the land will be rid of invasive species and weeds. In their place and through thorough research and professional consultation, the property will be firmly reinstated into a Bankenveld Masterpiece. The development will embrace NEMA Act 107 of 1998 and its ammendments. A low carbon footprint will prevail through out the property. All homes will employ green technology, recycling of waste and Solar Energy will assist in making this development a breakthrough in modern living. From a Biodiversity perspective, a community program with a two pronged approach 1. Education 2. Employment - through tourism will be put in place. The development will enhance tourism in the area, a Day Spa will be onsite and synergies will be developed with Mountain View and the Lodges/B&B's/Venues in the area to develop the area into a world class destination. In a nutshell - Mountain View Estate owners will become custodians of an absolutely unique tract for land set aside for future generations.

The initial shareholding is sold out, we have opened a waiting list for future phase 2 sales, contact us for more information!


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